Sunday, August 23, 2015

Learning on Youtube by Subject

Sick Science: 
Videos and cool science experiments from Steve Spangler

Crash Course Chemistry:

Crash Course Astronomy:

Can plants survive beyond Earth? Can proteins observed in space reveal the mysteries of life? These questions and more get answered by SpaceLab, a YouTube channel created by Google and Lenovo, in cooperation with Space Adventures, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Bad Astronomy: 
Bad Astronomy is all about astronomy, space, and science. The videos are created by Phil Plait, an astronomer, writer, and sometimes TV-science-show host.

NASA Television: 
NASA’s mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research. This channel helps explore fundamental questions about our place in the universe.

Periodic Videos: 
Your ultimate channel for all things chemistry. A video about each element on the periodic table.

Smarter Everyday


Amy Poehler's Smart Girls:
Smart Girls is a channel that offers music, advice, glimpses into other cultures, nice things to put into the world, and a Boy's Minute.
ASAP Science:  
Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science. 

 History for Music Lovers: (historyteachers)
A fun way to learn some history through these musical parodies. 
History: Liberty's Kids - full episodes
Crash Course US Histrory:

Crash Course World History 2:

American Museum of Natural History: 
This channel features the excellent “Known Universe” video, which gives you a six-minute journey from Mt. Everest to the farthest reaches of the observable universe.

Khan Academy: 
This channel features thousands of videos that will teach students the ins and outs of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, finance, physics, economics and more.
Videos about numbers – it’s that simple. Videos by Brady Haran.

Coffee Break Spanish
Butterfly Spanish
Professor Jason
Spanish Sessions
Web Spanish

ShooRayner Drawing:
Everyone can draw. Anyone can learn to draw better. Forget about art. Drawing is a language that helps you communicate with others. Get some paper, make some marks and you are drawing!  
Younger Kids: 
This channel is dedicated to animated nursery rhymes and stories designed to entertain and educate children between the ages of 2 and 8.
YouTube EDU: 
YouTube hosts a section dedicated to academic videos. It’s a little bit of a mixed bag, but it features some quality videos.

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